Last year we were all at home, Christmas 2021 will hopefully be very different with family and friends able to stay. We will be able to celebrate in restaurants and pubs, go to the pantomime, and enjoy everything that the festive season has to offer this year. 
BUT that will leave some homes vulnerable to burglaries. 

Find out the crime numbers in your area 

Understanding the increases in crime in your local area will help provide perspective on why home and business security is becoming an essential spend in personal and business budgets. 
The Police.UK website provides localized crime statistics for your town or district. You can find out how crime is impacting on your local community but clicking on the button below. 
Just add in your town name and you will see the most recent crime figures for the last year. 

We are experienced in a wide range of CCTV and intruder alarm systems 

At GP-TechServ we offer a range of CCTV security systems from a single Wi-Fi enabled camera installed in your home which can be monitored from your phone to a fully networked, multi camera security system to cover your home or business premises. 
Our intruder alarm systems range from wireless systems encompassing a wide range of detectors and sensors which can be easily fitted into homes without disruption to fabric and decoration through to hardwired systems. Monitoring of these systems can be scaled from just a sounder activating on your property through to an alarm generating a call to the police via an alarm receiving centre. 
GP-TechServ are NSI accredited and can arrange these responses in line with your security requirements 

Use Our 4-step approach to home security 



A burglar will look for the easiest property to break into. Make sure your property looks difficult to enter. Gates are closed, back gates locked. All your windows are closed, and you have lights on in the house. Visible alarm sounders and cameras provide an excellent visual deterrent as well as functioning security lighting. Please be mindful of the alignment of your lights in that they don’t cause nuisance to your neighbours. 


The second layer or protection when an intruder is intent on getting into your property, make it difficult. Double lock all your windows and doors with insurance rated locks, have good fencing or hedges around your property and keep gates, sheds and outbuildings locked and secure. In your home have a safe for your valuables and have it hidden. 


TIf the thief has accessed your home, have a well installed and maintained security system, which should include: 
• An alarm system which will be activated when an intruder gains access 
• CCTV cameras all placed appropriately to be able to capture good quality images. 


Dependent on the size of your property, the investment made in the security system, you could have something as simple as an alert to your mobile phone and access to the cameras, up to an alarm going off in an alarm receiving centre and security or police arriving at your home. 

Top Security Tips to protect your home better this Christmas 

Don’t leave Christmas presents under the tree if you can avoid it, keep them hidden away until the latest possible time. 
Dispose of Christmas presents packaging carefully, if you can take it to the recycling centre, don’t leave it outside your home for the bin collection. 
Be careful what you post on your Facebook & Instagram accounts and remind your children with their Snapchat and Tik Toc profiles not to mention you’re away. 
Have a check list before you travel. 
Take time to think about your home and personal security before you travel this year. 
Nottinghamshire Police constabulary has an excellent Guide to protecting yourself and your home at Christmas. 

Planning to be away this Christmas? 

Get in touch today to find out how to protect your home and we can arrange an initial consultation with one of our experienced security consultants. 
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