Extensive range of in-house security expertise 

How much does an alarm system cost? 

All security systems are based on the individual need of the client and the design of the building/facility requiring protection. GP-TechServ don’t offer packages as each system needs to be bespoke to the situation in which it’s being deployed. 

Are wireless alarm systems reliable? 

Wireless systems have greatly improved over the last few years with reliability and the great steps taken in battery performance. Batteries now last in excess of two years in alarm systems and the monitoring is smart in that it will notify when batteries do need replacing. 

Do you do video intercoms? 

Through our trusted supply partner Zenitel we are able to offer single or multiple video stations dependent on its application and location. 

Are you able to provide a system with intruder alarms, CCTV and a door bell on a single app? 

Yes, GP-TechServ are official partners of Pyronix and regularly install their Procontrol+ application for cost effective monitoring. 

How many cameras would I need on a four bedroom detached house? 

This is dependent on its location and what is surrounding the premises. A recent enquiry asked for a price on the installation six cameras onto a house. On review and assessment this was brought down to two cameras. GP-TechServ will always design on what is required and advise a client accordingly. 

Are you able to provide advice and installation of physical security measures such as automatic gates and barriers? 

GP-TechServ have wide experience in the security industry and have a good working knowledge of all aspects of security. Where the requirements fall outside of our skillset we are able to draw upon our network of trusted supply partners to deliver more specialist works. GP-TechServ will always mange these relationships and act as project managers in coordinating and 
deconflicting works. 
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