Our first step is to have a understanding of the concerns and threats to the client and then we can work out the best way to help. 

Initial survey 

GP-TechServ have to understand the concerns and threats to the client. Once these have been understood and interpreted GP-TechServ are able to provide a number of options based on the threats and give an overview of costs and likely design. These options are presented to the client with our preferred option but will always work within budgets. Only if the threats are perceived to be too high would recommendation exceed. 

Design Process 

GP-TechServ design systems to counter threats based on the 4D principle.  
The basis and design of our systems works on the system achieving; 


An opportunist thief or intruder can see that the property is well protected and passes on by 


If the intruder is intent on gaining access then the systems should detect their presence at the earliest opportunity 


If the intruder is still intent on gaining access then Locks, barriers and secure door and windows will delay the intruder allowing; 


The ability of the security team or Police to be dispatched to the scene.  
Once the preferred option has been agreed then a full design and cost of the system, including maintenance and monitoring is presented.  
Further discussion on final options is undertaken before agreement is reached 

Project Management 

When work commences GP-TechServ and their installation team will work with the client and inform them of progress, adherence to budget and any required variation from specification and design. No changes to either are made without the consent of the client. Liaison with other trades and agencies comes as part of the project management package. Once completed final commissioning and witness testing is carried out with the client prior to invoicing 

Intruder Systems 

CCTV Security System 

Access Control 

Physical Security 

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